De Hoop launches yard number 445

Tolkamer, 29/05/2012 – At 9:00 AM today the 135 meter hull of the River Cruise Vessel “River Splendor” was launched at our yard in Lobith. The vessel, build under yard number 445, is under construction for US ship owner Vantage Travel. Simultaneously De Hoop Lobith is building a 110 meter River Cruise Vessel for the same owner. Both vessels are scheduled for delivery for the season of 2013.

Two Vantage newbuilds well on their way

Lobith, 18/05/2012 – Shipyard De Hoop Lobith has two new build River Cruise Vessels under construction at the Lobith yard. One 135 meter (yardnumber 135) and one 110 meter (yardnumber 446) which are ordered by Vantage Travel from Boston for the season of 2013. The ships are both taking shape while on the 110 meter vessels the section blocks are assembled and the fitting out is in full swing on the 135 meter vessel.

River Discovery II Named

Amsterdam, 18/03/2012 – At 16:00 pm today the 135 meter river cruise vessel River Discovery II was named. This was the official start of the inaugural voyage of this special vessel. Some features of this complete newly designed vessel are a new low resistance / shallow draft hull shape. A sliding/opening roof on the aft ship, Tier 2 engines with rudder propellers, 2 x 745 kW, LED lighting all over the ship and high tech onboard audio and entertainment systems.

Yard Number 444 on initial river trials

Tolkamer, 03/03/2012 – At 13PM today the new 135m. river cruise vessel “River Discovery II” has departed our Lobith yard to commence her intitial trials. The vessel is currently being finished and is intended for delivery at the end of this month. At this moment two more sistervessels and a 110 meter vessel are under construction for Vantage Travel.

Caballo Genitor on her way to Mexico

Harlingen, 17/2/2012 – Today the platform supply vessel Caballo Genitor (our yard number 433) has departed to Mexico. The voyage acros the Atlantic Ocean is expected to take 22-25 days depending on the weather. Upon arrival the vessel shall commence her works for the Mexican state oil company PEMEX.

De Hoop delivers SBBA

Rotterdam, 13/01/2012 – At 13:00 PM today De Hoop has delivered the 60 person Single Block Barge Accommodation (SBBA) to Global Marine Systems. The SBBA was installed by De Hoop on the semi-submersible seagoing barge formarly known as Smit Anambas. Last week Global Marine has acquired this 130 meter barge and it was renamed ‘Cable Enterprise’. The barge will now be towed to the Tyneside yard in the U.K. where the caroussel and other cable lay equipment shall be installed.

Algarve Cruiser

This cruise vessel is designed for coastal areas as well as inland water and is currently under construction at Scheepswerf De Hoop. For more information please contact us.


The multi purpose supplier ‘Vissolela’ (yard number 393) has been delivered on June 30th 2004 in Rotterdam. The vessel has already started her activities in the oil fields of Angola, Africa.

Special lift for Global Marine Systems

Rotterdam 20/12/2011 – Over the last few months De Hoop has designed and build a 60 person / 4-deck SBBA (Single Block Barge Accomodation) for Global Marine Systems. Today a special lift-operation was performed in the Rotterdam harbour as the almost 500 ton weighing SBBA for Global Marine was lifted on the pontoon ‘Smit Anambas’. The operation was performed in close cooperation with Dutch firm ‘Mammoet’ and went succesful. The placement of this fully self supporting accomodation block is part of the conversion of the Smit Anambas into a cale lay vessel for the North Sea. Various components will be installed by De Hoop in Rotterdam,the rest will be installed in the UK in Januari.

Caballo Xanthus underway to Mexico

North Sea, 15/12/2011 – Last week Shipyard De Hoop has delivered the vessel Caballo Xanthus. This 3rd supplier of the De Hoop’s ‘KISS-design’ is now on its way to Mexico. Upon arrival the final components of a so called ‘mud-plant’ shall be installed and hereafter te vessel shall commence her contract in the Mexican Gulf.