Amadeus Brilliant performs on trials

Tolkamer, 21/04/2011 – These are busy times for De Hoop, the Amadeus Brilliant is the second vessel performing its trials this week. The Amadeus Brilliant did well, in just over 4 hours all test where passed sucessfully.

RheinFantasie completes trials

Tolkamer, 19/04/2011 – Today the newbuild RheinFantasie for german shipowner KD has sucessfully completed her seatrials. This 85 x 13.5 meter vessel is designed and build to accomodate groups up to a thousand people. For an enlarged photo, please look at the PDF file.

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Large crane renovation at De Hoop Lobith

Tolkamer, 08/04/2011 – It is an unusual sight, for the first time in 54 years the large boom of one of the three main shipbuilding cranes of De Hoop Lobith is lifted of for a major overhaul. This lift is part of a complete crane renovation programm whereby the crane structures are renovated and key equipment and rails are renewed. The project is planned to be finished in July this year. Please look at the PDF file for a large photo.

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Shipyard De Hoop raises flag for large new order

Lobith, 30/03/2011 – Shipyard De Hoop has raised the flag for a large new order. Vantage Deluxe Travel from Boston has effectuated the order for 4 river cruise vessels. Three vessels will be of a brand new 135 design and one vessel will be of a new 110 meter design. The luxury cruise vessels are scheduled to be delivered one in 2012, two in 2013 and one in 2014.

Launching of Rhein Fantasie

Tolkamer, 27/03/2011 – At 13:00 pm today, the special event ship Rhein Fantasie was launched at our yard in Tolkamer. This 85 meter ship, our yardnumber 442, is designed for maximum 1000 persons, it is the smaller (monohull) sister of the (catamaran)RheinEnergie that Shipyard De Hoop has build in 2004.

Shipyard De Hoop delivers the S.S. Antoinette

Tolkamer, 26/03/2011 – Shipyard De Hoop has delivered the S.S. Antoinette. With many innovations and a special interior this vessel is something we can be proud of. Please click at the PDF file or an enlarged photo.

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NB 434 on the slipway

Foxhol, 21/03/2011 – The first KISS design supplier, 434 Caballo Galiceno, is being assembled on the on the slipway at Shipyard De Hoop Foxhol. The shape of the hull is really starting to be visible.

S.S. Antoinette starts trials

Tolkamer, 5/3/2010 – At 13:00 PM the vessel S.S. Antoinette, our yard number 441, started her first river trials in the vicinity of our yard in Lobith.

YN 442 ” RheinFantasie” under construction

Tolkamer 13/02/2011 – The construction of the special event-ship ” RheinFantasie” is now in full swing. At this moment, more than 50% of all the sections are assembled on the slipway in Lobith-Tolkamer. This special daypassenger vessel is developed for groups up to 1000 people and the innovative design is already getting quite some attention in the media. The construction period is tight as the vessel is already booked for jobs in the second quarter of this year. During this it shall sail the waterways of Germany with on board dinner shows and other events. These are busy times the Lobith yard. Besides the RheinFantasie, the two luxury cruise vessels S.S. Antoinette and the Amadeus Brilliant, as well as DSV Don Daniel are the final stages of their construction.

First KISS supplier coming out

Foxhol, 20/01/2011 – The hull for the offshore supply vessel vessel ‘Caballo Galiceno’ has been transported outside our shipbuilding hall. This is a special occasion as this vessel is the first of a series of four with a complete new design. The so called ‘KISS’ design stands for a high tech next generation supply vessel. The vessel is designed to compete today’s cost effective markets. Please look at the PDF file for some more information. The Caballo Galiceno shall be delivered later this year.

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