Don Daniel arrives in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, 13/08/2011 -Yesterday, Saturday the 12th August, the 105 meter Diving Support Vessel “Don Daniel” arrived at De Hoop’s fitting out quay in Rotterdam. Today the wheelhouse, funnel/boomrest and lifeboats where lifted on again. These items where taken off so the vessel could pass the bridges from Lobith to Rotterdam.

Don Alfonso leaves for Mexico

Harlingen, 20/07/2011 – The Don Alfonso, our yard number 434, has left for Mexico. Upon arrival the vessel will start her works for the Mexican national oilcompany Pemex.

Engineering contract from Topaz Marine

Tolkamer, 19/07/2011 – Shipyard De Hoop has this week received an engineering contract for the conversion of the Team Oman. This cable layer, formerly known as the Seaspider was build at De Hoop under yard number 373 in 1999 and has since several years been owned by Topaz Marine with their headoffice based in Dubai. For a job in the North Sea, the vessel will undergo various changes such as the installation of extra bow thrusters, cranes, etc. De Hoop shall initially provide the conceptual engineering for this.

De Hoop Foxhol launches Caballo Galiceno

Foxhol, 9/7/2011 – Today at 10 AM the vessel with yardnumber 435, Caballo Galiceno (formerly known as Don Alfonso) was launched at our Foxhol yard. In the next weeks the vessel will be finished and will be transported to Harlingen where the sponsoons will be fitted.

New order – SBBA for Global Marine Systems

Tolkamer, 08/07/2011 – The United Kingdom based cable lay company Global Marine Systems has ordered a Single Block Accomocation Barge (SBBA) for 60 persons. This special accomodation block will be completely self sustaining with its own generators, watermakers, etc. The four deck accomodation will contain offices, galley, dayroom, messroom and people will be accomodated in single and two person cabins. The delivery is scheduled for Januari on which the block will be placed on the barge Smit Anambas, which is being converted into a cabla lay vessel.

Yardnumber 444 started

Tolkamer, 30/06/2011 – With the placement of the first 4 sections on our slipway in Lobith-Tolkamer the assembly has started of the first 135 meter cruise vessel for our client Vantage Travel. This luxury cruise vessel is the first in a serie of 3 135 meter cruise vessels which shall be delivered in one in 2012, one in 2013 and one in 2014. Additionally, our de Hoop shall also deliver a 110 meter luxury cruise vessel in 2013.

Second KISS about to be launched

Foxhol, 28/06/2011 – The second KISS supplier, Caballo Galiceno (our yard number 435) is well on its way. The vessel is planned to be launched on Saturday 9th July.

Special upgrades for YN 434/YN 435

Harlingen, 21/06/2011 – Shipyard De Hoop has received a special variation order for two of their newbuild vessels. This is due to a new large contract which their client have recently secured for these vessels. First of all the names where changed vice versa, which means that yardnumber 434 is now called Don Alfonso (formerly known as Caballo Galiceno) and YN 435 is called Caballo Galiceno (formerly known as Don Alfonso). Furthermore, both vessels shall be upgraded to DPII and with the fitting of tailor made sponsoons the deadweight shall be upgraded to 2450 tons. The Don Alfonso is already in dock at Shipdock Harlingen to undergo these changes and additions. It is expected that the same changes shall be ordered for two KISS suppliers YN 432 Caballo Xanthus and 433 Caballo Genitor. Please look at the PDF file for a picture of the Don Alfonso at its initial trials.

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Amadeus Brilliant delivered

Tolkamer, 27/04/2011 – Today was a special event as Amadeus Brilliant was delivered, christened and started her maiden trip with guests in the same day. Crew, invited guests, first passengers and shipyard personell all whitnessed the christening of this 9th vessel for Lueftner Reisen. In her speach, the godmother mrs. Corina Lueftner especially thanked the shipyard personell, subcontractors and suppliers for the beautifull endresult. After the celebrations the vessel took of at about 16:00 hour for her first official voyage. Please look at the PDF file for an enlarged photo.

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Yardnumber 434 launched in Foxhol

Foxhol, 22/04/2011 – Today, at 10 AM the platform supply vessel with yardnumber 434 (Caballo Galiceno) was launched at our yard in Foxhol. With an enormous seahorse painted on the side, this first supplier of De Hoop’s KISS design attracted many spectators. A film of the launch can be seen on