De Hoop Lobith launches 105 meter DSV Don Daniel

Tolkamer, 10/01/2011 – Today at exactly 15:00 pm the 105 meter diving support vessel Don Daniel was launched at the yard in Tolkamer. This was done during a very high water-level in the Rhine river, resulting in a smooth launch. The vessel is now at the fitting out quay at the yard where it shall be finished further. For a video of the launch, go to;

De Hoop Lobith launches S.S. Antoinette

Tolkamer, 30/12/2010 – At 15:00 hours today, Shipyard De Hoop Lobith has launched the 135 meter luxury cruise vessel S.S. Antoinette (yard number 441). The vessel is under construction for client Uniworld and shall be finished in the fitting out harbour in Tolkamer. For a video of the launch, go to

Keel laid for daypassenger vessel Yardnumber 442

Lobith, 29/12/2010 – Today the keel is laid for the new designed day passenger vessel which Shipyard De Hoop is building for German shipowner KD. This special vessel with 1000 person capacity vessel is planned for delivery second quarter next year.

Hull for Amadeus Brilliant transported to Lobith

Foxhol, 19/12/10 – The hull for Amadeus Brilliant has departed the Foxhol yard. This special transport is now heading (through the ice) to our Lobith yard where the vessel shall be outfited and finished. This will take place alongside the outfitting of the 135 meter S.S. Antoinette.

De Hoop Foxhol launches Amadeus Brilliant

Foxhol, 18/12/2010 – At 10 AM this morning Shipyard De Hoop Foxhol has launched the hull of the 110 meter river cruise vessel Amadeus Brilliant. This was exactly as per original planning. The vessel, build under hull number 443 is the 9th Amadeus vessel that De Hoop is building for client Luefner Reisen. The hull shall now be transported to the Lobith yard for the outfitting and finishing. Please look at the attached PDF file for an enlarged picture.

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Two special hulls under construction in Lobith

Tolkamer, 1/12/2010 – On a snowy slipway in Lobith-Tolkamer, two special hulls are nearing readiness to be launched. On the back, 105 meter hull ‘Don Daniel’ is the 3rd Diving Support Vessel with 250 persons accomodation for Oceanografia. The 135 meter hull on the front is for the ‘River Antoinette’, a very luxury inland cruise vessel. The launch of the River Antoinette (for client Uniworld) is planned before the end of this year. In the meantime the yard is building sections for the newbuild daypassenger vessel for KD which will be assembled on a third slipway.

Hull for Amadeus Brilliant on slipway

Foxhol, 22/11/10 – The 110 meter hull for the vessel Amadeus Brilliant is being fitted out on the slipway at our yard in Foxhol. The vessel is on planning to be launched in December.

Caballo Siete Leguas departs to Mexico

Delfzijl 25/10/2010 – Today, at 21:00 hour, the Offshore Supply Vessel “Caballo Siete Leguas” (our yard number 431) has departed the Delfzijl harbour to do her maiden-voyage to Mexico. On its arrival in the Mexican Gulf the vessel shall start her works for PEMEX, the Mexican national oil company. Please look at the PDF file for technical details of this vessel.

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Amadeus Brilliant making progress

Foxhol, 23/09/2010 – The hull for yardnumber 443 (the Amadeus Brilliant) is making good progress. The partially assembled hull has been moved outside at the Foxhol yard to make space for the next blocks. All section-blocks are now in full production. The complete hull is scheduled to be launched around the end of this year.

De Hoop delivers 440 pax. Rossini

Tolkamer, 19/07/2010 – Shipyard De Hoop has delivered Wagenborg’s largest LQB (living quarter barge) so far. The 135 meter “Rossini” is designed to accomodate 440 people in 4 person cabins. The vessel shall depart from the yard today. For the full story on accomodation vessels for Wagenborg, please look at the PDF file.

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