Amadeus Princess Launched

Thursday 8 Dec. 05 – Today the vessel “Amadeus Princess” with yardnumber 411 was launched. For the first time spectators could see the innovative “Cadillac” bow in the water. With this bow, the vessel has approximately 10% more effective space inside.

Two new orders YN 419 and 420

December 2005 – Shipyard De Hoop has contracted two shallow draft tugboats for the Caspian Sea.

YN 402 nominated for ‘Ship of the Year’

Tuesday 14th of June’ 05, Shipyard De Hoop recieved from the KNVTS the official nomination of the most innovative ship of the year 2004. This for the ‘Breuil’ YN 402 (hence also for sistership YN 403 ‘Brion’) both developed for the transport of components for the new Airbus A380 airplane.

New Order for River Cruiser

April 2005 – A new order (YN 411) was placed on the day of the delivery of the Amadeus Royal. With this new order, client Lueftner Reisen again shows her confidence in our yard!

Engineering 1700 TEU

April 2005 – De Hoop has sold an engineering package for 1700 TEU open top containerships to Wagenborg Shipping who intends to build a series of these Vessels. The dutch IHC group (Kinderdijk) is selected to build the first vessel.

Christening YN 408

The passenger ship Amadeus Royal (YN 408)was christened at the yard in Lobith, on Thursday the 24th of March 2005, in the week thereafter it sucessfully left on its maiden-voyage with 150 passengers.

De Hoop delivers the ‘Brion’

Today, 22-11-2004 Shipyard De Hoop has successfully delivered the vessel Brion (newbuilding 403) to the organisation SOCATRA. The semi-sub Brion is designed with adjustable cargo-decks to carry large aircraft components across the French coast and inland waters and can cope with shallow waters as well as low bridges.

Celia Candies

Newbuilding 137 / Celia Candies , which is currently built at our location in Houma, is nearing its transverse launching.

Worldpremiere on the Rheinenergie

The catamaran theatre-ship Rheinenergie (Yardnumber 404) was built for the German operator Koln-Dusseldorfer and was delivered in June this year. On 21 Oktober 2004, this theatre ship has succesfully launched its first big show “Ganymee on Water” (more information on