Launching of the Caballo Lusitano

Foxhol 31/5/2008 – Today the launching ceremony took place of the first vessel build at De Hoop Foxhol BV since the takeover august last year. Yardnumber 426, the 60 meter platform supply vessel ‘Caballo Lusitano’ is well on schedule and to see such a vessel at the Windschoterdiep is a very refreshing sight as yards in this area mostly build dry bulk carriers and container vessels.

De Hoop wins an engineering order for Niigata Shipyard

Tolkamer 7/3/2008 – Niigata has awarded De Hoop with an engineering assignment for a 77 meter Diving Support Vessel. This vessel, in its return, is build for Dutch shipowner Hanzevast Shipping, who shall charter the vessel to Noordhoek Offshore. Besides the engineering De Hoop shall also deliver most of the large components and installations to this Japanese Shipyard. The vessel is scheduled for delivery in 2009.

Oceanografia orders six PSV’s from De Hoop

Tolkamer 19/2/2008 – The Mexican offshore contractor Oceanografia SA, de CV has placed an order for six platform supply vessels. The vessels shall be a 6 meter longer sister vessel of yard number 426, the Caballo Lusitano. The two first vessels, yardnumbers 430 and 431 shall be executed as a normal PSV and the 4 other vessels (yard numbers 432/433/434/435) shall be executed with an additional mudplant on deck. The last vessel is sheduled for delivery in 2012.

De Hoop contracts 3rd Diving Support Vessel

Tolkamer 26/1/2008 – Shipyard De Hoop has won the third order for a 105 x 24 meter Diving Support Vessel, similar to the yardnumbers 424 and 425, from client Oceanografia SA, de CV. The vessel is scheduled for delivery end 2010.

Takeover of Foxhol yard

April 2007 – De Hoop and Volharding Shipyards have reached a final agreement concerning the takeover the yard in Foxhol. The said yard is a welcome addition and enables De Hoop to boost capacity for shipbuilding in the Netherlands. From the 6th August 2007 onwards Scheepswerf De Hoop Foxhol BV shall start production at this location in Groningen, The Netherlands. (look at the PDF file for an enlarged photo)

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Bourbon Trieste Launched

Tolkamer, 3th June 2007 – Today yard number 422, the Multi Purpose Offshore Service Vessel (MPSV) Bourbon Trieste was succesfully launched. Another milestone in this newbuild programm has been reached.

De Hoop gets engineering assignment

De Hoop has won an engineering assignment for a SEMI Submersible suitable for maintenance and construction work and capable to facilitate accomodation for 450 people.

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Yn 422 Almost ready for launch

Tolkamer 30/5/2007 – The build program of the vessel “Bourbon Trieste” well on its way and is nearing the stage “ready for launch”. Already the Lobith yard has progressed on the sections for the next vessel, YN 423. These are busy times in shipbuilding.

New Orders

April 23, 2007 – Today, De Hoop has hoisted two more flags, which means the orders for Yard number 425 (a sister vessel of YN 424, a 105 mtr. DSV) and Yard Number 426 (a 62 mtr. OSV) are announced.

Next generation visits De Hoop

Tolkamer 27/3/2007 – Today, some 30 VMBO students visited Shipyard De Hoop. As these people shall choose their carreer in the near future, we hope some of them are interested in shipbuilding. Look at “read PDF file for more photos”.

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