Start production YN 422

Tolkamer 2/6/2006 – Today the steelcutting of yard number 422, the MPSV for Groupe Bourbon has started.

Yard Number 421 in full production

The production of yard number 421 is on full swing. The keellaying took place on last month, 12th May, and now on the 1st June already 9 sections are assembled.

YN 420 Launched

10.05.2006 – Today yard number 420 was launched.

YN 420 Ready for launch

Monday 8-5-2006 – In a record time of less than 4 weeks (!) after keellaying, the ICE class push/tugboat YN420 is now ready for launch.

Newbuild for BOURBON

May 2006 – Shipyard De Hoop is proud to announce that BOURBON has ordered a new 85 m. Multi Purpose Offshore Supplier (MPSV). The vessel will have accomodation for 70 people, a 100 ton crane and will be build under yard number 422.

Keellaying ceremony YN 420

Monday 10-04-2006 – Today the keel of the shallow draft push/tugboat Alpamys (YN 420) was laid. Another milestone in this project has been reached.

YN 419 Launched

3th April 2006 – Shipyard De Hoop is on full swing. Recently the keel was laid of the shallow draft push/tug YN 419, this week, the hull was launched.

NB411 – Amadeus Princess delivered

Tolkamer 14th March 2006 – Today, De Hoop has delivered the vessel with the innovative “Cadillac bow” to her client Lueftner Reisen.

Keel YN 419 is laid

On wednesday the 22nd February the first section of YN 419 was placed on the slipway.

Order for 125m River Cruiser

Lobith 23-12-2005, today the American shipowner Vantage Travel has ordered a 125m River Cruiser, to be delivered in March 2007. With this order, Vantage again shows her confidence in Shipyard De Hoop.