Amadeus Diamond at work

Budapest 11/6/2009 – The recently delivered vessel Amadeus Diamond, has already got her first few trips behind her. She is performing very well. To sea her at work, have a look at the photo behind the PDF file.

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Yardnumber 430 – Caballo as de Oros ready for launching

Foxhol 30/5/2009 – The 67 meter platform supply vessel ‘Caballo as de Oros’ is now completely assembled. De Hoop Foxhol is currently also building a sister- vessel of this PSV and thereafter, a series of four new designs is planned. All six vessels are build for Mexican shipowner Oceanografia. Currently the ‘Caballo as de Oros’ is ready for launching.

Converted Accommodation Barge delivered

Tolkamer 12/5/2009 – Exactly 11 weeks after the order, De Hoop has delivered the former vessel “Debussy”, fully converted to a 290 pax. accomodation barge. The vessel “Ravel” has in the mean time some extra works. This vessel shall be winterized as well, which means also an “ice belt” shall be installed around the full length of the vessel.

Conversion of two River Cruise Vessels

Tolkamer 29/4/2009 – During the last few weeks De Hoop Lobith has started works for the clients Wagenborg and Chevalier Floatels, who have ordered a complete conversion of two River Cruise Vessels. The cruisers will be transformed into accomodation vessels for Kazachstan (Caspian Sea) where they shall accomodate 290 persons eacht. These 110 meter vessels, formerly known as ‘Debussy’ and ‘Ravel’ where originally build by De Hoop in 2000 and 2001. Besides a complete internal refit, the conversions includes a topdeck full of containerized for extra installations as genset, watermaker, laundry, incinerator, etc.

Amadeus Diamond delivered

Foxhol 24/3/2009 – Today, De Hoop has delivered the Amadeus Diamond. This 110 meter River Cruise Vessel is the 7th vessel ordered by Lueftner Reisen. This time the innovative item is the foldable nose-section. Furthermore the vessel is build to the usual high standard. Also please see the attatched PDF file.

Coming out of the Caballo as de Oros

Foxhol 21/3/2009 – The build of River Cruise Vessel yardnumber 428 is still on the go, but next vessel, Caballo as de Oros is coming out of the shipbuilding hall. The assembly is well on its way.

105 meter DSV Don Amado delivered

Rotterdam 24/12/2008 – The vessel Don Amado has departed for Mexico. This special vessel with its 300 tons Liebherr crane and accomodation for 250 people shall be used by client Oceanografia to work for PEMEX. Please see the attatched PDF-file for further information.

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Foxhol launches the Amadeus Diamond

Foxhol 13-12-2008 – With the launch of the Amadeus Diamond, De Hoop Foxhol has build her second vessel since the takeover last year. The vessel is on schedule for delivery in March next year.

Hanzevast Shipping contracts Offshore Support Vessel from De Hoop

Tolkamer 14/10/2008 – Financer ‘Hanzevast Shipping’ has ordered a 60 meter offshore support vessel, who they in return shall charter out to Dutch shipowner Noordhoek. The vessel is designed for operations in the North Sea and is planned for delivery in May 2010.

Delivery of yardnumber 423, the Caballo Criollo

Rotterdam 8/7/2008 – The delivery of the 60 meter offshore support vessel “Caballo Criollo” was spectated by quite a few people as the flagging ceremony was conducted by the Mexican ambassador. The vessel is now on her way to Mexico and shall start working for PEMEX upon arrival.