Facts & Figures

Key Facts

  • One of the oldest shipyards in the Netherlands
  • Over a century of experience manufacturing many
  • different types of vessels
  • The largest slipway of the Netherlands at the Lobith facilities
  • Serving clients from all over the world
  • ‘One-stop-shopping’ for ship owners
  • Privately owned by a single (100%) shareholder
  • A healthy balance sheet, no long-term debts and capacity to finance
  • ‘In house’ engineering providing custom vessel
  • designs for sea and inland waterways
  • ‘In house’ steel-cutting and shaping facilities
  • ‘In house’ machining and piping components
  • prefabrication facilities
  • ‘In house’ carpentry and interior outfitting
  • Maintenance, repair and conversion/renovation services

Key Figures

  • Annual figures over the last three years average:
    • Annual turnover well over 100 mio euro
    • 120 craftsmen permanently employed
    • Up to 200 additional dedicated (local contract) subcontractors available
    • Five to nine vessels per year delivered
    • Between 5,000 and 6,000 tonnes of shipbuilding steel processed
    • Between 300 and 500km of electric cables installed
  • Three slipways, one of which is the largestin The Netherlands
    • The premier slipway in Lobith measures 200m x 60m
    • The secondary slipway in Lobith measures 80m x 40m
    • The slipway in Foxhol measures 135m x 16m
  • Both shipyards cover a total of 130,000 square metres
    • The shipyard in Lobith covers 105,000 square metres
    • The shipyard in Foxhol covers 25,000 square metres
  • The shipyards have a total slipway capacity of 17,600 square metres
    • The shipyard in Lobith has slipway capacities of 12,000 and 3,500 square metres
    • The shipyard in Foxhol has a slipway capacity of2,200 square metres
  • Shipyard De Hoop has a combined quay length of 650 metres available for outfitting
    • Locations ‘Lobith’ and ‘Foxhol’ have a combined quay length of 450 metres