ESNAAD 225 departs from Lobith yard

Tolkamer 26/03/2016 – The ESNAAD 225, De Hoop’s yard number 474, has this morning departed from our yard in Lobith. The vessel is transported to Rotterdam where she will be finalised and where the main crane shall be fitted. This (fifth vessel of the ten ship order) is planned to commence her seatrials in about 5 weeks from now.

Esnaad 224 on performing on seatrials

Delfzijl 24/03/2016 – The new PSV ‘Esnaad 224’ has yesterday started the official seatrials. On this first days, the vessel performed well. Later this week the next PSV, Esnaad 225 shall depart from the Lobith yard to Rotterdam.

De Hoop participates in large Mexican Vessel-maintenance programme

Mexico, 19/3/2016 – Shipyard De Hoop has received various orders for equipment and services from the Mexican ship owning company Naviera Naranja. The deliveries are part of an extensive maintenance and upgrade programme for in total 9 offshore vessels which De Hoop has designed and build between 2008-2011. This fleet of vessels, specifically designed and build for the Mexican offshore market, has been operating for PEMEX, the Mexican state oil company. At this moment, the first two 105 meter IMR vessels “NN Leonis” and “NN Regulus” have re-started their operation.  The other seven vessels are in various stages of the refit.

Fourth PSV for ESNAAD has departed from yard

Foxhol 18/03/2016 – Today the ‘ESNAAD 224’ has been transported from our yard in Foxhol to Delfzijl. This 4th vessel in a 10-vessel order from Abu Dhabi National Oilcompany, is due to start her seatrials next week. In the mean time, the 3rd vessel (ESNAAD 223) has arrived safely in Abu Dhabi and shall soon join her sisters that operate in the UAE oilfields.

Lueftner Cruises orders new vessel at Shipyard De Hoop

Tolkamer 3/3/2016 – Shipyard De Hoop has again reached agreement on a new luxury river cruise vessel for Lueftner Cruises, Austria. The yard is now in the final stages of the completion of the Amadeus Silver III (Yard Number 468). Simultaneously, the yard is in the early engineering stages of the next Amadeus vessel. This will be a real special, a luxury 110 meter vessel, intended to go to France, shall be designed and built under yard number 480. De Hoop is proud to further extend the relationship and looks forward to make innovative steps with this design.


Rotterdam, 01/02/2016 – Shipyard De Hoop has delivered the 3rd Platform Supply Vessel to ESNAAD. The vessel, build under yard number 472, is now being prepaired for departure to Abu Dhabi. Currently De Hoop is well over the half of this 10 vessel order. The next three PSV are already launched and in final outfitting or commision stages

6th Platform Supply Vessel for ESNAAD is launched succesfully

Foxhol 30/1/2016  – On Saturday the 30th of January, the Platform Supply Vessel ‘ESNAAD 226’ was launched succesfully from the slipway in our Foxhol yard. With this, De Hoop have launched the 6th vessel of the 10-ships order from Abu Dhabi National Oilcompany’s daughter company ESNAAD. The whole series is now well on its way, with three ships fully finished, and the remaining seven in various stages of construction, it is keeping the yard and many subcontractors real busy.

River Cruise Vessel Amadeus Silver III launched successfully

Lobith 21/01/2016 – At 10 AM today the 135 meter River Cruise Vessel Amadeus Silver III was launched successfully. The luxury Amadeus Silver III, our yard number 468, will now be finished to be ready for its maiden trip, scheduled in April.


Lobith 19/01/2016 – Today, at 10:00 AM, the ESNAAD 225 – our yard number 474 – was launched successfully from our slipway at the Lobith yard. This next generation Platform Supply Vessel is the 5th ship that is being launched in a series of 10 ships De Hoop have under construction for ESNAAD/ADNOC. With the first two ships delivered and the 3rd one ready for delivery, the build of this series in on a high speed. Later this week De Hoop shall also launch a river cruise vessel from it’s yard in Lobith and at the end of the month the next ESNAAD vessel is scheduled for launching, this time on the Foxhol yard.


Eemshaven 24/12/2015 – Today, early this morning, the ESNAAD 222 has departed on her maiden voyage to Abu Dhabi. This PSV is the second vessel in a series of 10 which is under construction for  ESNAAD, daughter company of ADNOC. The ESNAAD 222, was built at our Foxhol yard under yard number 471.